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Demonstration about results of own trials

We examined several types of soybeans at our sites in Iregszemcse, Fornád and Kánya in the last decade. We focused primarily on the examination of the average yield and protein content of soybean varieties. We made the trials under the same agronomic conditions each year.


The efficiency of soybean production is mainly determined by the years effect.
It is important of the quantity and distribution of moisture in growing season.
The yield fluctuation is very large. There may be even two and half times higher yield difference between maximum and minimum years.

szoja fajtak

There is a large difference in yield of soybean varieties.
This is less in good years, but it reaches 44 %.
The yield difference comes up with 142 % in unfortunate years.

szoja fajtak feherjetartalom

There is less difference between protein content of varieties, but it reaches 12-15 %.
This influences the amount of protein yield.

There is very important to choose the soybean variety which have good fertility to reach the successful production.