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Delivery with GLS courier service

GLS courier service delivers your order upon request. Your packages are delivered on working days between 8 am and 5 pm.

Please provide the following information by e-mail in case of ordering.:

Customer information: name, phone

Invoice details: name, tax number (for companies), zip code, city, address, phone

Delivery data: (Only if it is different from your invoice details.) name, zip code, city, address, phone

The supplier shall not be liable in any form for incorrect performance resulting from incorrect data such as name, address, telephone and e-mail provided by the customer.

In case of non-received, returned packages the return fee will be charged to the customer.

The packages can only be resented, if the value of the requested order is transferred in advance.

Please check the integrity of your packages in the presence of the courier and ask for a report in case of damages, do not take them over. The complaint without records cannot be accepted subsequently.

The delivery cost of GLS courier service in Hungary is taken over by Blue Seed Ltd. over 70 € + VAT.

Pick up in person at our new headquaters

Kánya, Kánya-farm

8667 Kánya, Fő utca 171/9. hrsz.

GPS: 46.691850 N, 18.063577 E

Somogy county, Shouthern Transdanubia

Approach on main roads 61, 65, 67


Please let us know in advance via e-mail or phone in this case.



If you need more information about delivery or ordering, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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