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Ground Rhizobium japonicum nodule with soil (99.9 m/m%), Rhodamine B 500 dye (0.1 m/m%).

Active ingredient content:

Total number of germs is minimum 1,0×106 pcs/g.


This product is for soybean inoculation.

The sowing seed is evenly moistened in a proportion of 0.4 litre water/100 kg sowing seed by continuous stirring and then the inoculant is poured onto the wet seed by continuous stirring (in a proportion of 100 grams inoculant/100 kg sowing seed). Continue stirring until the seeds become pink.

The seeds must be dried after treatment. On dried seeds Bradyrhizobium japonicum retains its ability to germinate for 70 days.

szoja gumok

Sowing seed not treated

with powder inoculant.

szoja gumok

Sowing seed treated

with RhizoNat Extra powder inoculant


One pouch contains 100 grams which is sufficient to inoculate 100 kg sowing seed.
The pouches are packed into 100 and 200 pcs kits but we can supply any quantity upon request.


5,00 €/100 grams + VAT

/It is sufficient to inoculate 100 kg soybean sowing seed./

Please ask for unique price offer, if you need large quantity in bulk.

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