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The so-called Rhizobium bacteria and the stocks and biotypes of the Rhizobium japonicum bacteria species have a special role in soy cultivation.

If these exist in the soil they fix atmospheric nitrogen in the nodules growing on the roots of the soy and transfer it to the plant. As a result the host-plant (soy) produces bigger yield and enriches the soil with nitrogen.

Originally there is no soy Rhizobium in European soils. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the seeds to be sown with preparations and inoculants containing special Rhizobium japonicum stocks.

szoja gumok

Growing nodules are clearly visible on the root of soy.


It has high nitrogen-fixation capacity


It contains

Bradyrhizobium japonicum

rhizonat extra

It can also be used for organic farming


It boosts yield

The application of RhizoNat Extra

The following results have been achived by using RhizoNat Extra

As a result of the procedure applied to prepare our products the Rhizobia obtained propagate well in all soils that can be found in plough-land cultivation and have a good nitrogen fixing ability.

In our process the propagation of Rhizobium stocks is not performed on artificial culture medium but in the nodules growing on the roots of GMO-free soy cultivated in soil, or by the collection of the nodules. Rhizobium stocks are propagated in nodules growing on the root of soy cultivated on fertilizer-free open fields;

The inoculant has a very good effect as it does not contain only one Rhizobium stock but a population of Rhizobia stocks that populate best under natural conditions and have the best nitrogen fixing ability. Its constancy is ensured also by the soil that has a relatively constant chemical composition and physical features.

The inoculant lasts longer and has a longer lifetime than any other inoculant known so far as it contains only 5% water. Keeping Rhizobia, resistant to dehydration, in a dry and cool place they retain their maximal infection and nitrogen fixing ability for more than two years.

When using the inoculant powder the soy plant fixes 180-200 kg nitrogen from the atmosphere per hectare; 50% of it is used by the plant itself and the rest remains in the soil for the subsequent plant.

szoja gumok

This plant is not treated.

This plant is inoculated with RhizoNat Extra.

Wheat yield was close to 25% more after soy fore-crop